Psychotherapy- Counselling


I appreciate there are plenty of qualified counsellors and psychotherapists in Oxfordshire, so thank you for visiting my page.

My name is Dilys Codrington, I am a full-time psychotherapeutic counsellor and hypnotherapist here in West Oxford. I am an accredited Member of the National Counselling Society and adhere to their code of ethics and governance.

Counselling offers you an opportunity to find out more about yourself through providing a safe and confidential environment. Seeking counselling when you need help and support to get through a situation, event or loss should leave you with a better understanding of yourself and your strengths.

I pride myself in my comfortable yet professional approach to counselling. I am trained in an integrative therapeutic approach which means I am confident in applying different theories and approaches to best help you reach your desired therapeutic outcome.

Nothing is too small or too big to bring to therapy. Whether it’s time for you to explore elements of your past; understand yourself now in the present or prepare for the future. Most people have something that they’re not quite ready to look at and that’s fine, if it’s something you wish to address in time or avoid completely it’s also up to you. Therapy is most successful when you are comfortable and ready to take a closer look. You know the best pace to take, after all you are the only expert on you.

Remember, no matter how difficult or bad it feels right now- it’s only temporary. How long that temporary state lasts is up to you.

The thought of seeking help through counselling or therapy can be daunting for some. Choosing the right therapist is also no mean feat. It’s important to feel understood, accepted and not judged. It can take time to form a trusted connection with any therapist and my suggestion to anyone looking would be to go with who you feel comfortable with and it’s OK to ‘try before you buy‘.

After your free initial consultation sessions cost £62 for 60 minutes. We will discuss a small initial block booking once you decide to continue.

To receive your free consultation or for more information call or text me on 07780801532, email me directly via or fill out the simple form below.

Whichever way you choose to go I wish you all the best- Dilys