Six-week Challenge! Weight management with a difference.

Six weeks to Real Life change…

Have you finally realized that it takes more than the latest fad diet to make a real long-lasting change on  how you look , how you feel and what you weigh!

Are you finally serious about making changes to get more out of your life?

Want to get a grip on those annoying bad habits that sabotage all of your good intentions?

Do you wish there was a reset button to change your eating and exercise habits and get you fit and feeling healthy?

During our 6-week programme you will discover how to sustain your motivation, identify your areas of weakness, to overcome subconscious sabotage and begin to make the changes needed to become a healthier,  happier you.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is ready to commit to change. This programme is designed for those who are no longer fooled by fad diets. People who accept that the key to managing their weight and achieving their goals is by changing their eating habits  and lifestyle behaviours which includes implementing more exercise. Those who feel their ‘willpower’ often lets them down or are aware of past experiences that have left them carrying excess baggage, emotionally and or physically.   For some it may mean addressing episodes in the past which they feel may have contributed to weight gain or the development of unhelpful habits.


We often know the changes that need to be made and even with the best of intentions most of us fall prey to self-sabotage and loss of willpower.

We hear our own excuses often enough and this programme helps you to confront and overcome your individual  patterns of behaviour that have led you to the where you are now.

If I said we could make it easy- easy to lose old habits, easy to eat right and to keep doing it, even easy to exercise- what would your excuse be then?

So whether you have a little or a lot to lose we offer a method to start you off and give you the  keys to maintain your new healthier lifestyle.

How does it work?

We have developed a simple programme of hypnotherapy for change, nutritional education, and fitness challenges, delivered through an informal and friendly, supportive setting.

Hypnotherapy to help you:-

  • Identify and replace negative eating habits and behaviours
  • Improve your self-esteem and confidence
  • Establish and maintain motivation towards a new you
  • Identify your personal trigger and unhelpful behaviours
  • implement your chosen dietary changes or fitness programmes

Fitness Classes to :-

  • Improve your current level of fitness
  • Gently (re)introduce you to exercise
  • Take note of your changing body
  • Strengthen your mental attitude
  • Take you beyond the usual excuses

Nutrition education to;-

  • help you gain a better understandiing of food groupings
  • help you to identify and adopt a nutritionally balanced diet
  • support you as you make healthier foods choices
  • encourage you to gradually eliminate less helpful food choices

Once you understand your own self-limiting beliefs and behaviours you can then go on to change. Hypnotherapy just allows you to make this changes on a subconscious level, simplifying the process and reducing, if not eliminating, the “fight” we sometimes feel when we want to change. This approach is perfect once you begin to understand that your thoughts are the key to change.

Hypnotherapy is an increasingly common solution for weight-management. Through conversation and hypnosis we look at your lifestyle and approach to eating and exercise and look to implement the positive changes you wish to achieve.  Through the hypnotherapy element you can encourage your willpower, eliminate cravings, and so much more.

Hypnotherapy can also help you if you have chosen a particular diet programme or food management style.

Find out more about hypnotherapy for weight-management here

The benefit of doing so in a group environment  means that you will find encouragement and support from people in similar situations and with similar goals. of course groups aren’t for everyone and an individual programme is also available.

If diets worked…

Diet… the word alone can be a reminder of such negative experiences and “failure”, which is why I try not to use it.

Few strict eating regimes may work for some and if they do, then great!

Chances are you’re reading this because they don’t for you. Let’s face it, if one diet worked for everybody -there would be no diet industry!!

Now, obviously what you eat has a lot to do with your weight, shape and health but it is not everything.  During our programme we will take an honest look at your nutrition and offer guidance and make recommendations for ways to get the best out of your food.

Fitness for all

Fed up of wasting money on gym membership? Illness or medication helped you gain weight? Too tired and can’t find time? Do you feel you could do more?


Some of you may be put off by exercise- maybe it’s one of your key excuses as to why you don’t commit to change. The truth is the only way to sustain a healthy loss is to simply offset what we eat with how much energy we spend.

During the programme you engage in a single one to one personal training session and six weekly group fitness sessions with a qualified fitness instructor. So if the gym isn’t for you or you feel too self-conscious to run, or simply avoid exercise altogether, these group sessions allow you to ease into exercise finding your limits and pushing through them.

You will see an improvement with each session, noticing your physical and mental capabilities changing. You will also be encouraged to work together throughout the week to incorporate more exercise into your routines.

If you a physically unable to participate in the group session then suitable alternatives will be given. Your doctor may be able to provide exercise you can incorporate. The most important thing is that you are committed to change.

Six Week- Programme

Our unique Six- week programme prepares you for your new chosen lifestyle. Leaving you fully committed and motivated to continue towards your goals.

Group Programme- £225

  • Your complimentary consultation
  • One personal training session
  • Six weekly group hypnotherapy sessions
  • Nutritional education
  • Free weight- management and motivational mp3s
  • Weekly group fitness sessions

Individual Programme- from £300

  • Your complimentary consultation
  • Six individual personalised hypnotherapy sessions
  • One personal training session
  • Nutritional education
  • Weekly group fitness sessions

Our individual sessions would cost you £110 a week so I think you will find £37.50 a week  or £225 in total an absolute steal-that’s a big saving over the six week programme.

Our fees for the individual programme varies but starts at £300. Find out more about about our fees.

How to join

Feel free to call me on 07780801532 for more information and for details of the individual programme.

The link below will take you Eventbrite to the next intake for the group programme.