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Anxiety Resilience- Ten week programme.

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Is it time to get to the bottom of your anxiety?

This ten-week programme of education and support has been developed to allow you to explore your anxiety in the comfort of a single-sex, non-judgemental group. Providing you with the benefits of psychotherapeutic models, the groups offers a safe space for you to go away try out approaches and feedback into an environment of people with similar experiences of anxiety. Looking at your triggers and belief system, we gently challenge those thoughts and feelings which feed into that cycle of Anxiety.

Follow the link below to eventbrite by selecting the option to register your interest.

Considering Hypnotherapy but not quite sure if it’s for you? Why not attend a group session. A chance to experience hypnosis first hand in a casual and comfortable environment. Different sessions are offered monthly you be make to keep checking for updates.

…and Relax…
Join me for regular group relaxation sessions in Tackley – 1st Friday of the month, 19:30pm

An opportunity to relax in a casual and friendly group setting at the local Methodist Church.
Relax your mind and body with Hypnosis. Relaxation is also known to help benefit people experiencing depression, anxiety and stress-related conditions. Sessions cost only £6, booking is preferred.

Call me on 07780801532 for more information or to book.

For further information on these and other sessions and events for the public visit my eventbrite page or follow me on Facebook

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