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For the time being I have not gone into too much detail as to the ins and outs of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. This page provides you with links to good sources on information. If you need more specific advice as to how hypnotherapy can help you please feel free to contact

I am a qualified individuals and governed by the code of ethics of the National Hypnotherapy Society

There is a lot of information out there concerning Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy so rather than baffle you with information and regurgitate what’s already been said here are some of our favoured sites.

National Hypnotherapy Directory – Members of the hypnotherapy directory write and post their articles here.

Hypnos – An online Hypnotherapy Magazine.

Hypnosis Tools -This site gives clear and concise information on hypnosis and the application of hypnotherapy.

Happy Reading- Let us know if you have any questions over anything you read or in fact if you find anything particularly interesting and want to share it.

Keep a look out out for our regularly added blogs as we address particular issues.

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