Fear of Dentists-Dentophobia


Last year sometime I went to the dentist and during the procedure my dentist touched an exposed nerve. The pain was incredible and my (rather loud) reaction made my dentist nervous of continuing working on me(!).

I have never been a big fan of going to the dentist and I definitely do not enjoy the needles, sounds of drills or the numbness- which normally results in me missing the sink and dribbling down myself when asked to spit! But I had always been proud of myself and my coping strategies I used to get me through. However, that appointment threw a big spanner in the works.

My dread began to grow in anticipation of my visits and in subsequent sessions I felt like I had lost trust in my dentist.

For me, being able to justify my feelings was important because it could have been easy for my fears and anxieties to escalate into phobias and result in severe emotional reactions to certain stimuli, in this instance  my dentist.

Learning to acknowledge the root of fears and deal with subsequent reactions and feelings are just some of the ways in which hypnotherapy can help you to over come your fears and phobias.

For some people a fear or phobia of Dentists (and in general) can go back to a particular  event which was painful or emotional and the resulting feelings or issues were not resolved. Sometimes a phobia is the result of multiple events which reinforce negative thoughts or experiences which we might otherwise have let go of if they had happened just the once.

Hypnotherapy as a treatment for phobias to me is an obvious option with noticeable differences after the first session.

After the first consultation  treatment can take between 4-6 sessions. Hypnotherapy treatment is  unique experience for each client and so totally depends on the individual as to how many sessions are required.

Woman teeth

Now although I feel I have dealt with my anxieties, (and changed my dentist) I continue to manage any discomfort that remains for what they are and not what they are and without the dread or fear of what could be.

Get in touch today if you would like help to manage your phobias and fears.

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