I have had a severe needle phobia for many years. In fact for as long as I can remember. I suspect it was triggered by being pinned down when I was an infant when I needed a drip. Every blood test I had was previously an ordeal. I used to get severe phobia symptoms, fainting and not being able to function for quite a while after. I really wanted to get rid of this phobia as I now have two children, and if anything should happen to them, I would like to be able to stay conscious and be a mum in their time of need.
I went to Dilys for hypnotherapy to help. I was a skeptic, but after the first session I was astonished. I have never had any complimentary therapies or hypnotherapy but this was truly amazing. Dilys is a complete natural, she is very calming, and makes you feel very at ease.

You can feel that Dilys really wants to make a difference and cares in a good outcome for you to improve your life. I was totally relaxed in her company, and felt I could trust her. The hypnotherapy was really to bring you into a state of complete relaxation. Dilys then tailor made new thought pathways, which she delivered through her calm and professional voice during the state of relaxation. This then allowed my brain to have an alternative thought pathway to the normal panic at the first thought of needles. Dilys then tested and trained my thoughts to make sure I could engage the new positive thought pathways.
I have since been to hospital with my son who had a head injury and I did not feel at all faint. I have also had a full set of blood tests. I warned the nurse of my normal reaction, but to my surprise I was fine and I could get up and carry on with life instead of having to lay down and then sit in the waiting room with my head between my knees or call for someone to collect me from the doctors.
I cannot recommend Dilys more, she is a great listener and gets to the crux of the problem.

Leila, Oxford