Spring cleaning!


Sometimes life needs a little spring clean. After doing the same thing of maintaining old habits, routines and behaviours for years, we need reminding that we are all allowed a refresh once in a while.

I’m finding myself in the midst of a spring clean, feeling more motivated and up for the challenge which for me is making a success of my chosen path as a hypnotherapist and counselor.

Fighting against the “norm” of what’s expected by you and others is challenging in itself but knowing you have an example to set your children and not wanting to disappoint a supportive partner and family gives you a boost willpower alone can’t.

So my spring clean means blowing away cobwebs and a┬ábit of spit and on polish on my goals… what does your mean for you?


Yes hypnotherapy can help you to overcome your limitations but so can some positive self talk.

So why not…

Look at your life and the things you are unhappy with…

Make a note of the things you enjoy…

Spend some more time outside…

Listen to yourself, make a note of any negative thoughts you have and question them…

Spend more time around people and things that encourage and support you.

Spring is a beautiful time of year so look around and enjoy it…

Spend more time in the sun, stay positive and shine!


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