Anxiety… time to let go?


Anxiety- sometimes a picture can say a thousand words…


As some of you will aware by now I really enjoy working with clients to overcome their patterns of anxiety and panic attacks.

What may start as just nerves, with a known cause or not, can quickly become a debilitating condition affecting everything and everyone around us.

Together we work through symptoms, triggers and letting go of the past allowing the sufferer to release themselves from the their own expectations and those of others, moving on to live the life they want and deserve. To bear witness to such amazing changes in my clients is such a great privilege.

Anxiety and panic attacks although different can both become a prison for the sufferer. Often not wanting to repeat attacks or unwanted feelings the sufferer will remove themselves from situations, places and even people which might trigger these feelings. As a result anxiety and panic attack sufferers will often see a reduction in activities and decreasing and limited social circles.anxiety2

Everybody is different and so I don’t offer a one size fits all treatment. What we will do in sessions is work together and look at the best way to acknowledge, accept and overcome you particular difficulties, address how living with anxiety has a affected you including and beyond the physical. And using hypnotherapy, make changes on a subconscious level allowing you access to a happier, confident and capable you.

Call, text or email me for more info or to book your complimentary consultation on
even if you’re not sure that anxiety applies to you, if you are finding it harder to manage your unsettled feelings of worry, fear or concern, please fell free to get in touch.

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