Improve your sporting performance with Hypnotherapy


I attended an indoor athletics event in London recently. During the 60m finals the athletes endured 4 false starts before the race finally began.  The tension in the audience was amazing and it got me thinking as to how the athletes might be feeling, the psychology behind their training and in turn how hypnotherapy would help them.


The resilience of athletes- athletics and otherwise-  to be able to maintain their focus and composure in the face of so much distraction is admirable.

Although you would imagine this resilience to be a natural character trait for top athletes you will find you hear more and more of athletes thanking and paying tribute to their sports psychologists/therapists and yes even hypnotherapists.

Athletes, coaches and entire teams are said to be regular users of hypnosis to maintain and improve their performances. Check out for more info. Famous people using hypnosis.

Angela Bailey (Canadian Olympic Medalist and now Hypnotherapist) clearly knows the value of harnessing the power of the mind to improve sporting performance.

Hypnotherapy is used to address issues and conflicts in athletes and non athletes alike, helping with;- confidence, performance anxiety, focus, motivation overcoming bad experiences and helping them to overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears.

In addition to working with clients on an individual and confidential basis we also provide the athlete with the tools such as visualization which they can employ themselves to continue to experience the benefits of hypnotherapy for sporting performance.


Contact me through this site, email me via or call on 07780801532 to discuss how hypnotherapy can work for you.

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