Overcome your Performance Anxiety

Close to fufilling your dreams but auditions are your worst nightmare?

Consistently failing your driving test?

Are you held back from the job of your dreams because you keep failing at interviews?

Stage fright, stage and performance anxiety, fear of public speaking… whatever name you give it -wouldn’t it be great to be able to do what you love without it…

If you are shying away from revealing the real you because of the uncomfortable feelings, sensations and reactions it causes you and as a result it’s preventing you from reaching your true potential and living the life you desire then surely it’s time to change…

A slight discomfort whilst performing in front of individual and crowds or revealing ourselves outside of our comfort zone is perfectly normal and although some people relish the adrenaline and attention many, many people don’t.

Performance anxiety goes that one step further and presents itself with a whole range of distress, discomfort and symptoms that will literally stop the sufferer in their tracks even though they are about to do something they love and enjoy.

For most sufferers it’s easier said than done, especially when you don’t know where to turn.

This condition may be a simple reaction to past experiences and could even pass with time. Or it may all be an extreme reaction to experiences or even a symptom of something else entirely that will only get worse as people accommodate you and you avoid places, things and experiences completely.

The truth is- deep down you already know the who’s,what’s when’s and where’s of why you feel the way you do even if you can’t see it. Hypnotherapy allows us to access those reasons and resolve our demons so to speak.

You will know when you’re ready to be free from this condition.
If that time is not now then maybe you when you look back at the should’ve, would’ve, could’ves already accrued -how many more are you going to add to the list before you take charge and make a change?

By investigating the basis of this anxiety or simply working to improve your self-esteem and remove negative self-talk, hypnotherapy is a natural and safe way to overcome the past and to make the positive changes that will help to accomplish more from life.

Often our own attempts to change can be hindered by a cycle of behaviours from others and ourselves over time where by now we’re just expected to fail.
By accepting your anxiety and finding ways to avoid and minimise your experiences you may be restricting yourself and your talents and preventing yourself from living to your full potential.

True change comes from acknowledging, committing and expecting change to come. With hypnotherapy we access the deeper levels of your mind where the change occurs, where patterns are formed and accepted as the norm. Through relaxation, focus and your commitment to change we, through hypnotherapy, can make great things happen.

When you are ready to change and or would simply like to know how a personalised hypnotherapy programme can work for you feel free to contact me on 07780801532 or via info@changeinyoutherapies.com to arrange your free consultation.

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