Self-esteem- Finding it within…

It just dawned on me how many social media groups I am in that encourage me to “improve my self-esteem”,  “empower me” and to help “build my self – confidence”.

If I’m on a downer I’m afraid that won’t cut it!


My positive belief in myself and my abilities has to come from within and accessing that knowledge in down times needs more than a post on my timeline.
If it is that easy for you -and it is for some- then great. I always say ;- “do whatever it takes…” (as long as you’re not hurting anyone!).

For those of us that need more encouragement to reawaken our positive self what does it really take?

I could rave about the benefits of hypnotherapy – might do that later- but the truth is we need to reconnect with ourselves and look within.
When others tell us how good, brave, capable, etc we are it won’t sink in- no matter how many times we hear it. We have to be ready to feel it. That’s the difference between self-esteem and confidence -self-esteem comes from within, how we feel about ourselves.

Here are just 3 tips to maintain and pull yourself back to those positive times;-

a) Identify and acknowledge the doubt, negativity and low feelings and look for triggers that upset those positive times (that way you can see when they last longer than usual and can learn to redirect your energy when you need to)…

b) Do at least one thing you that pushes you to feel good or that you are good at  every day (looking for  that feel-good feeling from within not from external praise)…

c) Give yourself a positive reminder, display your accolades, wear something that you’ve earned or something that reminds you of how empowered, capable and successful  you can be (even perfumes I used to wear works and having my certificates on the wall )…

d) Look in a mirror and smile (yes, you might look like a loon the first few times but it will get easier!)…

If mantras, colouring, affirmations, praying, walking etc,  etc, work for you – then do it!  I am not preaching my methods, simply telling you what works for you.


Often when our self-esteem has been low for a while it goes on to affect a lot of things in our life;- what we do, who we do it with and our movements and options  become limited. And the more we behave in detrimental or less productive ways (because we begin to believe it’s all we think we’re worth) the downward spiral begins…
the only things down there are negative situations, people and depression!

Just think of what a negative mindset can cost you. When we possess a negative self- image we lack the confidence in our abilities to simply achieve and aspire to achieve. Imagine the regret when you realise you let a life- changing opportunity pass by and all it would have taken was a little bit of effort each day to remind yourself of your strength, accomplishments and abilities.

When a low self-worth is something that has needed working on for a while, hypnotherapy simply bypasses the effort and inner fight to stay the same – on a low.  In order to improve self-esteem a good hypnotherapist can help us to identify why we feel the way we do and how to feel better from the inside out.
If more conventional therapy works for you, then by all means do what’s right for you.


Hypnotherapy for me is a natural, quick and safe way to make a lasting real life change (tag line I know but if I didn’t mean it I wouldn’t say it!). It can help all round with our thoughts, feelings and behaviour, understanding and accepting the no-so- great stuff and equally  promoting the good.

If you’d like to work with me to improve your self-esteem with hypnotherapy contact me on 07780801532 or via

If you can’t do it alone… let’s see if we can do it together… d

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