Ready to stop smoking?

Quitting is easy when you know how. Stop smoking with Change in You Therapies, Kidlington, Oxfordshire and I will help you to quit without alternative methods such as e-cigarettes or nicotine replacements.

Improve your sporting performance with Hypnotherapy

I attended an indoor athletics event in London recently. During the 60m finals the athletes endured 4 false starts before the race finally began.  The tension in the audience was amazing and it got me thinking as to how the athletes might be feeling, the psychology behind their training and in turn how hypnotherapy would … Continue reading Improve your sporting performance with Hypnotherapy

Upcoming events- Join me

Anxiety Resilience- Ten week programme. Is it time to get to the bottom of your anxiety? This ten-week programme of education and support has been developed to allow you to explore your anxiety in the comfort of a single-sex, non-judgemental group. Providing you with the benefits of psychotherapeutic models, the groups offers a safe space … Continue reading Upcoming events- Join me